Kexi Scripting

Kexi uses the Kross Scripting Framework to provide full scripting power to the user. An integrated Editor allows both, editing and execution, of scripting code.

With Kross we are able to enable full and transparent support for Python and Ruby scripting code.

You are able to write plugins to extend the functionality Kexi provides with python or ruby scripting code. Such scripts are located in the Tools/Scripts Menu.

Following screenshot illustrates a full nonblocking Webserver embedded in Kexi and written in PyQt. While you are able to use PyQt, you don't need to. TkInter runs fine too and for Ruby we have QtRuby.

With the Scripts Manager the user is able to manage his installed scripts, install or remove new script-packages or just execute them.

At the Scripts Manager the Get New Scripts functionality enables online-updating or -installing of script-packages.